Ahkima Honyumptewa 2011

Ahkima Honyumptewa, Hopi, creates drawings, weavings, Katchina Dolls, and carving. Honyyumptewa lives in Bacavi Village in Hotevilla, Arizona. At Third Mesa, Bacavi and Hotevilla are considered the oldest continuously inhabited village in North America.

Ahkima Honyumptewa’s participation is sponsored by the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund.

Click on link below for a video of Ahkima displaying Map(ing) prints!


Hopi Emergence Story



  Tina Pollock -Reyes wrote @

Ahkima, your work is amazing . I love the colors and the details are so life like. I would love to see more of your art in person sometime.

  crystal wrote @

good work cuz
im so proud of u
keep up the hard work

  Melissa Bernice Honyumptewa wrote @

I already know what your capable of va-va but you still so ever cease to amaze me! I’m proud of all my big brothers! LUV YA!

  Teri wrote @

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Ahkima’s work .
Amazing and powerful!

  Harold Finkelstein wrote @

i have added two of Ahkima’s pieces to my collection. I am proud to have them and meet such a humble, talented young artist

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