2013 Sponsors

Map(ing) is the result of the collaborative efforts among the offices of Associate Professor Mary Hood, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Art, printmaking graduate students, ASU faculty and staff, our sponsors, in kind donations, and, of course, all the artists. This project could not be realized without the collective efforts of all parties, to whom I am most grateful for their continued support.

Map(ing) 2013 is supported, in part, by the Evelyn Smith Endowed Professorship, awarded to Professor Mary Hood by Adriene Jenik, director of the School of Art at ASU.

Additional support is provided by the ASU Art Museum by generously offered accommodation to the Map(ing) artists at the Combine Artist Residency in downtown Phoenix.  Click here to see a story about this new residency program.

Our 2013 Sponsors include: thus far

Herberger Institute for Design and the Art, School of Art http://art.asu.edu/

Hahnemühle USA, Fine Art Papers http://us.hahnemuehle.com/

Alternative Copy Shop, Tempe, AZ  http://www.alternativeprintandcopy.com/

Kerfluffles Marshmallows, Nashville, TN http://kerflufflesmarshmallows.com/

C.N. Gorman Museum, Davis, CA http://gormanmuseum.ucdavis.edu/

Takach Paper Company, Albuquerque NM http://www.takachpaper.com/

Industrial Metals, Phoenix, AZ http://www.industrialmetalsupply.com/

Universal Laser Systems, Scottsdale, AZ http://www.ulsinc.com/

Utrecht, Store 31, Tempe, AZ http://www.utrechtart.com/

Maple Street Paper Compan, Fremont, MI http://maplestreetpaper.com/

Our Kickstarter Pledge Drive Sponsors:

Ashley Verplank McClelland, 2013 artist sponsor

Ellen Taubman, 2013 artist sponsor

Justin Mohatt, 2013 artist sponsor

Amelia Malagamba

America Meredith

Angela Ginn

Ann Morton

Annette Olsen Caspeller

B. O’Leary

Barbara Hail

Bernard Young

Beth Grabowski

Betty Nichols

Binh Danh

Catherine Chauvin

Clarita Lulia

Dan Taulapapa McMullin

David Andrew Miller

Deer Onion

Eileen Standley

Elizabeth Honl

Fran Ledonio Flaherty

Francie Hester

Gordon Knox

Gregory Sale

Grisha Coleman

Heather White

Henry Schoebel

Hilary Harp

Hugh Reynolds

Janice Pittsley

Jeanne E. Clark

Jim Haske

Joan Prior

John C. Huneke

John Risseeuw

Joseph Scheer

Judy Crawford

Justin Diggle

Kate Duncan

Katie Hannah

Katherine Si-ing Lee

Kathryn Polk

Laurie Lundquist

Linda Uhley

M.Harrison and U.Abeita

Marwin Begaye

Mary Neubauer

Melissa Phelan

Michael E. Smith

Muriel Magenta

Naomi J. Falk

Norwood Sisson

Pat Bellan-Gillen

Robert Peters

Robert Straight

Rogelio Gutierrez

Sarah Hough

Sharon Condrat

Spring Barnickle

Susan Felt

Suzanne Fricke

Suzie Silver

Tom Hansen

Wendy Kye

Wendy Willis



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