Project Photographers


Theo Beatty

“My name is Theo Beatty and I am an aspiring artist from the Hopi reservation that has been drawing since the age of 5. Currently pursuit a degree in Fine Arts Drawing at Arizona State University and hopefully one day graduate school. When not in the studio or working on independent projects I can be found exploring the greater Phoenix area or serving coffee at your local B&N. Though I have explored many majors over my academic career Arts is the place where I always come back to.”



Born in the heart of the Navajo Reservation called Mosquito Springs, Pauletta Tohonnie Dine’ (Navajo), was raised by her grandparents and grew up with a family full of artists. In college she realized photography is what she wanted to explore and is now a BFA senior at Arizona State University majoring in Photography. She has curated a group exhibition in West Annex Display, acted as a gallery attendant for Step Gallery, as well as a gallery preparer for the Harry Wood Gallery. To further her knowledge in photography, Pauletta volunteered as the photographer for ASU’s State Press Magazine for over a year and a half.


Julia L. Gonzalez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. At ten years of age her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she still resides. As a child, she developed an interest in art–her favorite activity was to color and paint. Julia earned an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from Chandler- Gilbert Community College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Photography from Arizona State University in 2014. Julia’s work ranges from photography to traditional printmaking such as relief, screen-printing and lithography. Julia is involved with the ASU Photographers Association and has been a part of several juried group exhibitions.


Clarita Lulic, a new graduate student and Fulbright Scholar in photography at ASU is from the United Kingdom. Clarita’s  research topic is Native American Indian spirituality and representation in contemporary culture.

Elite Heneson, an undergraduate in photography  who is an Barrett Honors College student, focusing on Native American culture in her Honors Thesis. Heneson was born in 1982 in kibbutz Gesher in Israel. In 2000 she joined the Israeli Defense Forces, where she served as a lieutenant for three years. Shortly after her military service she traveled in South America for 9 month, where she decided to pursue a professional career in photography. Elite got her first camera from her father, when she was12 years old, but her trip made her realize that photography is more than a passion, it is a way of living. In 2011 Elite transferred to Arizona State university to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, which she expects to complete in the fall semester of 2013. In the mean time, Elite lives in Tempe, Arizona, and she works as a freelance photographer in the Phoenix metropolitan.


Tiffiney Yazzie, BFA candidate, Photography


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