Student Collaborators 2015


Ashley Czajkowski is a photography-based artist working in a number of interdisciplinary methods including printmaking, video and installation. Driven by her own experience, she explores the social constructions related to childhood, fairy tales, mythology, and the psychological manifestation of the human-animal. Czajkowski evokes methods of symbolism and storytelling to explore these themes in her work.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in photography in 2009 from Emporia State University in Kansas. Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, Ashley is a Master of Fine Art Candidate at Arizona State University, as well as the Assistant Curator of Tilt Gallery.


Born 1986 in Novato CA, Ryan Parra is a photography-based artist with a primary focus on documenting edible, medicinal, and psychoactive plants, while also exploring complexities of ethno-botany. Influenced by his interest in science, Eastern thought, and certain shamanic practices, his work questions varying means of intellectual observation that seem to create a myopic perspective. From this he enters a play with the ambiguous nature of such literal scientific methods while attempting to embrace a more abstract way of looking. Ryan earned his Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Oregon in 2012 and is currently working towards his Master of Fine Art degree at Arizona State University.


Kate Horvat is pursuing her Master of Fine Art in printmaking at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. She earned her BFA in printmaking from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri. Past exhibitions include works in Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial in Boston, Massachusetts; Exposición Colectiva: XXV Festival de Marzo 2014 in Chihuahua, Mexico; BIMPE VII in Vancouver, British Columbia; and Kashmir Crossover in Srinager, India.


Mac Bydalek is southern by circumstance – living below the Mason Dixon line and east of the Mississippi River for 29 years.  He now lives in the desert, and is an MFA printmaking candidate at Arizona State University.  He earned his BFA in studio art from Middle Tennessee State University in 2012.  Bydalek specializes in intaglio print processes and explores queer interpersonal relations within domestic confines through figurative and representative work.


Eli McGlothern is a Master of Fine Art student at the Herberger Institute of Art at Arizona State University.  Eli was born and raised in Napa, CA and did not pursue his interest in art until after he began college. Initially a recording art major at California State University-Chico, Eli changed his major to focus on art after taking an introduction to printmaking course. Eli earned a BFA in Printmaking with honors from Chico State in 2012. Before moving to Arizona to pursue his MFA, Eli apprenticed in a stained glass studio and worked as a screenprinter.


Coming from a small town in southwest Kansas, Molly Koehn received her BFA in studio art from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, and is now pursuing her MFA in fibers at ASU. Molly’s work focuses on hand fiber practices to portray relationships between nature and abandoned structures. She focuses on the natural aspects of fibers, where one of her main goals is to process all of her own materials. Her explorations of hand practices have led her through the whole process of working on a sheep farm, hand processing the sheep’s wool, spinning it into yarn, and weaving that yarn into a cloth.


Daniel Mariotti is a printmaking and photography artist who takes inspiration from science and philosophy. Born in Mesa, AZ, he is receiving his BFA in Printmaking and Photography from Arizona State University in 2014. Most commonly seen in the darkroom he experiments with light and repetition, bringing processes together to create his work.


Darryl Naito is a Los Angeles born artist that has transplanted himself to Phoenix to study printmaking in all that Arizona State had to offer. His first love of printmaking was etchings, but quickly grew towards lithography to better fit his concepts and style. Naito’s work is heavily based upon his past experiences and sexual identity by using allegory of ideas he has been interested in, such as Greek mythology, the history of sex and gender identity, and modern day technology. He graduated from ASU this fall semester and plans to someday become a master printer at his own shop.


Adam Antonio Montoya was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. There, between the Uintah Mountains and the Great Basin Desert, he was surrounded by the vistas, histories and stories of the American Southwest. Montoya received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Printmaking from the University of Utah.  He is now a Master of Fine Art candidate at Arizona State University continuing his explorations of the oddities, subtleties and grandeur of the American West’s desert lands. His work has been exhibited in several regional, national and international exhibitions including printmaking exhibitions in Chihuahua, Mexico and Dundee, Scotland.


Shane Smith is a printmaking artist best known for his work concerning the topic of UFOs, alien life, and everything in between.  He was born in Columbus, Ohio but Shane’s artistic career began in Athens, Ohio where he received his BFA in Printmaking in 2009 from Ohio University and is currently working towards his MFA in Printmaking from Arizona State University.


Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Rachel Brewer received her BFA in Printmaking as well as a minor in African and African American studies. Inspired by the African-American “Greats” and the stories she has been told and read, her work is a historical narrative that circulates around Black Nationalism, religion and discrimination from post-slavery to 1970s. Instead of directly showing the hardships blacks have faced through the years, she creates portraits and scenes of those who were fighters and lived during those times of struggle.


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