Marilou Schultz 2011

Marilou Schultz, Navajo/Dine, is a weaver of rugs that are made of handspun vegetable and aniline dyed wool, using her own dyeing techniques and from this evolved the colors she has labeled Moqui Indigo and Moqui Red. When she creates traditional Storm Pattern and Old Ganado styles, she incorporates streaks of black wool in the indigo and red that is not always visible, particularly in slides and photographs. Both the traditional upright loom and floor looms are among the technologies that Schultz uses to create her rugs and tapestries. She continues, however, to develop the plain, weft-faced, and float twill weaves that are part of her heritage. Two-faced weaves and raised-outline techniques have recently been added to her skills as a weaver. Marilou notes, “these techniques are special to me because they have been passed on in my family for more than four generations.”

Marilou Schultz’s participation is supported by the Katherine Herberger Faculty Enrichment in the Arts Grant Program, awarded by the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts.


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