Randy Kemp 2009, 2011

Randy is an Alumnus of the Katherine K. Herberger College of Arts at Arizona State University, recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in Painting. Before coming to ASU, Randy earned an Associate of Arts degree from the reputed Bacone Junior College in Muskogee, Oklahoma. There he studied under the artistic leadership of prominent American Indian artists: W. Richard West, Sr., Solomon McCombs and Ruthe Blalock Jones. His artwork has been exhibited in prestigious museums, galleries and private collections throughout the world. “My work includes both the traditional flat, two-dimensional depictions of tribal life, as well as works in contemporary Indian themes and views.”

Currently an Environmental Graphic Designer, Sr. at Arizona State University in Tempe. A member of Xicanindio Artes, Inc.; of Actor’s Workout, Inc.; of Redhand Studio; a registered artist with the Native American National Arts consortium, Atlatl, Inc., headquarters in Phoenix.

Randy design and painted a wall mural (7’x 50’) entitled “Morning Star” for Native American Connections with the help of 30 volunteers from Make a Difference Foundation in the greater Phoenix area. A founding member of the Mayo Clinic Hospital “Sonata del Sol” music program, providing flute music for Palliative Care patients and families. He was selected by the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation of Arizona, the Casino Arizona and the Salt River Pima and Maricopa Indian Community to design and paint a 10-foot tall fiberglass replica of a Fender Stratocaster guitar for “GuitarMania”. The guitar name Tribalcaster: Tribal Language Rocks! As a member of Actor’s workout Inc., created a one-man show of “I will fight no more, forever” the incredible anti-war speech of Chief Joseph (Nez Perce), a story of triumph and tragedy. He traveled to Australia (Aboriginal/Korrawinga) and New Zealand (Maori/Taranaki/Puniho Pa) communities as a part of an Indigenous Cultural and Arts exchange program through Scottsdale Community College (adjunct instructor).

Other works involve music and performance collaborations, “Radio Healer” a flute improvisation and computer tone generation audio recording with artist/musician Christopher Martinez (Independent Recording). NAMA (Native American Music Award) Nominee for “Best Spoken Word” category, a recording project with daughter Rykelle Kemp entitled “Artificial Red” modern flute music and poetry reading (Independent recording). Film projects include acting credits in a short film by Doug Howard, “Chief” filmed on the Pima Indian reservation. Additionally, a self-directed video/film short “Metropolitan Rezervation” in partnership with PBS television series “We Shall Remain”, a citizen storytelling program.

Randy Kemp’s participation is sponsored by Ripple, non for profit.

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  Elaine Brooks wrote @

I am looking for information about Indian Chief Solomon McCombs. What do you know about him? Thank you

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