Sarah Sense 2015, 2017


Sarah Sense, Chitimacha

Sarah Sense received a BFA from CSU Chico (2003), and an MFA from Parsons School of Design, New York (2005). Sense’s practice is weaving photographs with traditional Chitimacha basketry techniques. Since 2010, Sense has been researching contemporary Indigenous arts throughout North/Central/South America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Sense published series of images such as “Weaving the Americas” and “A Search for Native Art in the Western Hemisphere”, documenting a journey from Canada to Chile. “Weaving the Americas” premiered at Museo de Arte Contempráneo, Valdivia, Chile (2011). Research in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and England culminated into, “Weaving Water”, premiering at Rainmaker in Bristol, England (2013). Other exhibitions include: “First Continental Biennale of Contemporary Native Arts”, Museo de Nacional Culturas Populares, Mexico City (2012), “HIDE: Skin As Material and Metaphor”, Smithsonian Institution NMAI, New York (2010); “Pieces of Home”, Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington (2010); “Reimagining the West”, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ (2010); “In/SIGHT”, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, (2010). Collections include: Smithsonian Institution NMAI, Chitimacha Museum, Eaton Corporation, Tweed Museum of Art, and private collections in: Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, England, and the United States.

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