Warren Montoya 2015


Warren Montoya, Santa Ana Pueblo (Tamaya)/Santa Clara Pueblo (Khapo Owinge’)

Warren Montoya is born of Santa Ana Pueblo (Tamaya) and Santa Clara Pueblo (Khapo Owinge’) in New Mexico. With consideration and guidance from indigenous ideals and his Pueblo heritage, Warren practices many forms of creative expression and community activist work. His main artistic focuses are currently acrylic paintings, illustrations and graphite drawings with “realism” tones, contemporary Native jewelry and fashion design. Many of his pieces are influenced by history, cultural beliefs and ideas of environmental sustainability. His style is inspired by “Graph” art, comic art, “Surrealism” and the contemporary work of his peers. His work is inclusive of a wide spectrum of colors and shapes.

Warren has always maintained a passion for art since his first interest of drawing comics at a young age. Warren received a Bachelors Degree in Art from Fort Lewis College, in 2006. After college, he worked in graphic design for a short time. Following this, Warren spent some years facilitating therapeutic adventure programs for a non-profit organization called the Santa Fe Mountain Center. As a facilitator he guided participants in activities that explored concepts of empowerment and resiliency. Whether directing groups through rock climbing challenges, facilitating discussions with therapeutic focuses, or steering team building activities, Warren knew this was his second calling. Through this work, he became inspired to incorporate concepts of “cultural” resiliency regarding Native American heritage, within his art. This is also when Warren began developing ideas of creating a program that promoted both his passion for art and advocating for positive community development.

Now as the Founder, Director and a contributing Artist for the REZONATE Artist Collective, Warren works to promote Indigenous artists and encourage support for the communities they come from. He lives in Santa Ana Pueblo and works on art, while continuing to facilitate groups and engage in community building work.




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