Yolanda Hart Stevens 2009

“My name is Yolanda Hart Stevens, enrolled member of the Gila River Indian Community, Pee-Posh/Quechan, currently residing in the village of Komatke AZ.

I feel very close to the beadwork I do because I was raised with the thought that “this is what identifies us as Yuman people” in this world and the spirit world. When wearing our beadwork in traditional colors, designed in our family images along with certain technique our relatives in this life know who we are.
As we move into the next world, we wear our whole traditional attire and are acknowledged by family because of our wear.

Based on this line of thinking it is important for me to maintain dialogue with my elders, realize & contribute my skill of beadwork, share the given knowledge and encourage my family and other young people to sustain the absolute process.

The work has been given to me from my mother and other relatives in the genre. It is essential for me to proceed the work with my daughters, nieces, granddaughters and other relations that will be accepting to this practice.”

As an artist in residence at the Heard Museum in Phoenix and as a teacher of beadwork, Yolanda Hart Stevens, Pee Posh/Quechan, has developed programs to promote a clearer understanding of the people of the Southwest through their history, clothing and decoration. Stevens teaches a variety of beading techniques, including lazy stitch, edging and peyote stitch at various locals throughout the valley.

Yolanda Hart Stevens participation is generously being sponsored by
Ted G. Decker/Ted Decker Catalyst Fund.


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  Valerie Poorman Hamilton wrote @

Beautiful work! I went to school with you, I would like to get in touch.

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